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Anagram 102

Following the show's mistery, all of the episodes' labels are an anagram masterfully thought to decipher the episode's real name.

Anagrams are usually seen through the show and they're often used to decode hints pointing a case hidden on Jane's tattoos.

Anagrams Per Season

Season 1

No. Ep. Title Anagram
01 Pilot or Woe Has JoinedWho Is Jane Doe
02 A Stray Howl Taylor Shaw
03 Eight Slim Grins The Missing Girl
04 Bone May Rot Or Maybe Not
05 Split the Law The Past Will
06 Cede Your Soul Cloud Our Eyes
07 Sent on TourTrust No One
08 Persecute Envoys Suspect Everyone
09 Authentic Flirt Lift the Curtain
10 Evil Handmade Instrument And Unveil the Mastermind
11 Cease Forcing Enemy In Case of Emergency
12 Scientists Hollow Fortune Follow These Instructions
13 Erase Weary Youth Stay Where You Are
14 Rules in Defiance Find a Secure Line
15 Older Cutthroat Canyon To Contact Your Handler
16 Any Wounded Thief Find What You Need
17 Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts In Almost the Last Place You Look
18 One Begets Technique To Begin the Sequence
19 In the Comet of Us Focus on the Time
20 Swift Hardhearted Stone Then Wait For The Address
21 Of Whose Uneasy Route To Your New Safehouse
22 If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render The Final Order Will Be Revealed
23 Why Await Life's End When It's Filed Away

Season 2

No. Episode Title Anagram
01 In Night So Ransomed RogueNothing Is More Dangerous
02 Heave Fiery KnotThey Invoke Fear
03 Hero Fears Imminent RotFor Their Moment is Near
04 If BethThe FBI
05 Condone Untidiest Thefts Defends The Constitution
06 Her Spy's Mind Shepherd's Army
07 Resolves Eleven Myths Only Serve Themselves
08 We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters When The Soldiers Attack, We Fight On
09 Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform We Shall Protect Your Freedom 
10 Nor I Nigel aka Leg In Iron K
11 Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord U
12 Devil Never Even Lived R
13 Named Not One Man T
14 Borrow Or Rob W
15 Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward E
16 Evil Did I Dwell Lewd I Did Live L
17 Solos L
18 Senile Lines E
19 Regard a Mere Mad Reager R
20 In Words, Drown I
21 Mom

Anagrams Per Episode

No. Ep Title Description Anagram
2.17 Solos On her attempt to get the attention of the team and alert them about their whereabouts to escape from their kidnappers, Jane used key words and an apparently random message with an anagram hidden in order to save a couple of kids taken hostage.
Jane's anagram (1)
Jane's anagram (2)


One of the biggest fan-theories about the anagrams, points to a hidden message that can be appreciated when all of the episodes' decoded anagrams are put together as a big one centence that can be read as an instruction manual.

Hidden Message: Who is Jane Doe? Taylor Shaw, the missing girl. Or maybe not. The past will cloud your eyes. Trust no one, suspect everyone, lift the curtai and unveil the mastermind.

In case of emergency, follow these instructions:

  1. Stay where you are.
  2. Find a secure line to contact your handler.
  3. Find what you need in almost the last place you look.

To begin the sequence, focus on the time, then wait for the address to your new safehouse. The final order will be revealed when it's filed away.

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