Name Description Seasons Media
Martin Gero Creator, Director, Executive Producer 1, 2, 3

Episodes: Woe Has Joined, A Stray Howl, Eight Slim Grins, Bone May Rot, Split the Law, Cede Your Soul, Persecute Envoys, If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render, Why Await Life's End, In Night So Ransomed Rogue, Heave Fiery Knot, Hero Fears Imminent Rot, If Beth, Condone Untidiest Thefts.


Name Description Seasons Media


Name Description Seasons Media
Christina M. Kim Co-Executive Producer, Writer. 1, 2, 3

Makeup & Hair Department

Name Description Seasons Media
Luann Claps Head of Makeup Department 1, 2
Dennis Bailey Head of Hair Department 1, 2, 3


Name Description Seasons Media
Stephen Pope Stunt Coordinator 1
Chris Place Stunt Coordinator 2
Airon Armstrong Fight Coordinator, "Kurt" Stunt Double 1, 2
Ky Furneaux "Jane" Stunt Double 1
Heidi Schnappauf "Jane" Stunt Double 1, 2
Kalif Guzman "Reade", "Charlie", Stunt Double 1, 2
Alistair Whitton "Roman" Stunt Double 2
Marco Lascari "Kurt" Stunt Double (Italy) 3

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