Daedalus is a secret society from Jemerson College where Boston Arliss Crab and Rich Dotcom studied. Its members have a strict code of silence.


A partial list of Daedalus alumni leaked, exposing some of its members.

  • Ahmed Chopra
  • Caleb Vixama
  • Chris Carroll
  • Derek Wimble
  • Derrick Kardos
  • Evan Cathcart
  • Gord Enver
  • Isaac Gabaeff
  • James Fitzpatrick
  • Joshua Aber
  • Kenneth Brzozowski
  • Phineas Gilmartin
  • Robert McGavin
  • Ryan V. Hays
  • Scott Gregoire
  • Sean Sciretta
  • Thad Munson
  • Tim Lynch
  • Tom Tobin
  • Zach Riley


Daedalus insignia was tattooed in Jane's lower back and it hid an ecuation where its variables correspond to real-world economic values.


Equation hidden within the tattoo and used by Rich Dotcom in his college years.

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