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David Wagner was Patterson's boyfriend. He worked on the New York Times.


David worked as the creator of crossword puzzles for the New York Times. During his time spending nights at Patterson’s apartment, he came across Jane Doe’s tattoos case file and helped her to decode a tattoo. 

Still involved with the mystery inside of the puzzle from the tattoos, David recklessly tried to solve the arch tattoo by himself, leading him and Patterson to a communication system hidden in a book used by Russian spies to send Intel back to their country.

One of the spies realized about David’s presence and killed him by cutting his throat with a piece of glass. 


After figuring out that the books inside of the library’s arch tattooed on Jane’s body, Patterson and the team were able to end with a group of Russian spies working inside of the U.S. and targeting victims that Russia cataloged as enemies.



  • His character was modeled after David Kwong, who works as a puzzle consultant for the show.
  • He was a Firefly (TV Show) fan.

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