Edgar Reade is a Special Agent of the Critical Response Group of the FBI and member of Kurt Weller's team.

He expresses doubts about Jane Doe's inclusion on the team, but he doesn't make a deal with Tom Carter when the Deputy Director of the CIA wants information on her.

Sooner or later, we all face what we’ve done.
— 1.07 Sent on Tour


At a young age, he attended Mulmur Hills Football Camp where he met and befriend Coach Jones. He met other kids who were also close to Jones.

When he became FBI, he joined Kurt Weller and his team, there he met and befriend Zapata with whom developed a strong friendship. 

At some point, Reade fell in love with Sarah Weller, Kurt’s younger sister, and maintained a solid relationship for a while until he confessed Kurt his relationship with Sarah and he was told to break it up due to his risky job inside of the FBI

After Thomas Carter went missing, Mayfair asked Reade to investigate the circumstances around his death in order to find out what happened to him and who was the man driving Carter’s car. However, a masked man threatened him with killing Sarah and Sawyer if he didn’t stop investigating; this led him to break up with Sarah. 

One of the cases attached to one of Jane’s tattoos, drove the team to investigate a case where Jones was the target of one of the students from the university, this opened a new investigation where it was revealed that Jones used to sexually abuse of the kids he met at the camp. One of them, Freddy, who was also friends with Reade, informed him that they both were victims of the Coach. 

Trying to find the truth, Reade decided to surveillance Jones outside of his home. However, he broke into his house and discovered a cabinet full of VHS tapes in chronological order and tagged with boys’ names, among them Reade’s. 

While he was in the basement, about to watch the tape with his name on it, someone attacked Jones by stabbing him multiple times on the chest, causing his death. When Reade got upstairs, Zapata walked into the room, finding him standing next to Jones’s death body. 

Zapata and Reade engaged in a complicated situation where she covered Reade’s tracks and stood by him until the investigation was closed. Zapata realized that Freddy was the responsible of Jones’s death and Reade secretly gave him a bus ticket to leave the city.

Early life

As a child Reade was a camper at Mulmur Hills Football Camp where he befriend Coach Jones. Later he attended the University of Michigan. Where he still holds a receiving record in football.


Sarah Weller

They start dating at the beginning of Season 1 without telling Kurt Weller about their secret relationship. Sarah and Reade were a happy couple until he's forced to end the relationship after a man threatened about killing Sarah and Swayer.

Tasha Zapata

Reade and Tasha are shown as friendly co-workers and they often show a playful personality, demonstrating their closeness and old friendship. As the show progresses, the two of them start to rely on each other to talk about important issues regarding Jane Doe.



  • His chinese zodiac sign is the rat.


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