Emma Shaw was Taylor Shaw's mother and one of Kurt Weller's closets friends.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. Imagine the beautiful woman she would have become.

She lived in Pennsylvania where she was the next-door neighbor to Bill Weller and his family. She was a single mother and when she had night shifts at work, she asked the Wellers to look after her daughter, Taylor, who befriended Kurt Weller.

When Taylor went missing and Bill Weller became the prime suspect of the girl's disappearance, she never spoke to the man again, she was even displeased to see him on Taylor's memorials.

She encouraged Weller to keep looking for her daughter and became the only person who never asked him to move on from the tragedy that affected the both of them the most.


Emma was the last loose threat for Remi’s cover story as Taylor Shaw given that her DNA would’ve disproven their kinship. A few weeks before Remi was left in Times Square, and presumably under Shepherd orders, Roman followed Emma to a meeting with Kurt Weller at the Cecil restaurant; once she departed from the place, Roman crashed his van against Emma’s car and suffocated her to death when she didn’t die after the impact.