Season 1

Episode Episode title Song Artist/Band Comment
1.01 Woe Has Joined I Know the Lord Sensational Saints The team raid a man's home where he held captive several women.
Life to Lifeless Killswitch Engage Song playing in the background at Chao's apartment when the team pays a visit.
1.02 A Stray Howl Surreal Exposure Ducktails Song playing in the background at Kurt's apartment while Sarah makes breakfast.
1.04 Bone May Rot Daffodils (feat. Kevin Parker) Mark Ronson Patterson brings breakfast and realizes David is tying to solve one of Jane's tattoos.
1.05 Split the Law Deadbeat Hits Futurebirds Jane arrives to Weller's apartment and is welcomed by Sarah.
1.06 Cede Your Soul The Brave and the Bold Disturbed The team and Jane enter Ana Montes's apartment.
Springish DJ Slater & Nipp Kurt arrives home to find his father still there, Sarah suggests that they tell him about Jane/Taylor together; Tasha pays off debt; Jane arrives home she tries make friends with her security detail.
1.07 Sent on Tour Burning Out Tall Tales and The Silver Linging Patterson is about to leave her apartment and David suggests that he should have a key to her place.
1.08 Persecute Envoys Want It All The Bixby Knolls Jane and Zapata practice kick boxing at the gym until Reade comes for them.
Oh My Word Flip Grater Weller has a drink with Bill; Mayfair is reading an old news article about Sofia's suicide; flashback to the day Sofia left a note to Mayfair in her car and walked towards the bridge.
Shoegaze Alabama Shakes Jane, Zapata and Patterson have some drinks at the bar.
1.09 Authentic Flirt Wiener Gemüts-Walzer - Op. 116 Wiene Salon Ensemble Jane and Weller dance blending into the crowd while waiting for the seller to make contact with them.
Where Is My Mind Mindy Jones Jane removes the makeup from her tattoos; Saúl Guerrero is stabbed in prison; Zapata ditches Carter's bug; the team enjoy beers and pizza at Jane's housewarming party; David is killed; the team arrives to the hospital.
1.10 Evil Handmade Instrument Way Down We Go Kaleo Oscar rescues Jane, Jane flashback back to a memory of herself and Oscar; Kurt leaves Jane a voice message; Bethany takes Patterson home; Edgar heads home; Tasha resigns from the FBI.
1.12 Scientists Hollow Fortune TV Queen Wild Nothing Weller teaches Sarah how to make the perfect PB&J sandwich and asks her about the guy she's dating before leaving for work.
1.15 Older Cutthroat Canyon Somebody's Gonna Cry Tonight Trevor McSpadden Jane and Oscar go to garage shop to meet with Danny to retrieve weapons against Cade.
1.16 Any Wounded Thief Bring You Home Jennifer Dalby Anthony Mode & Pat Stone As they wait for their Thai food to be deliver, Weller and Allison discuss the complications of agents dating civilians then discuss their current relationship.
1.17 Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts Imagine That Patsy Cline Oscar shows Jane one of their old songs from when they were a couple.
1.18 One Begets Technique A Big Trip BSY Jane and Rich exit the elevator at Ahktar's party and he starts shooting while dancing.
Someone Somewhere Bobby Puma Ahktar dances while shooting his guns.
1.20 Swift Hardhearted Stone Little Town Shuffle Larry Stephens Song heard from the apartment upstairs when Oscar shows Jane an empty penthouse while sharing facts from their past.
Departed Host Blake Neely Jane playing Uno Attack with Weller and Sawyer and then leaving the apartment; Jane watching Oscar from across the street from his place; Mayfair finds Alexandra's body.

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