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Matthew Weitz is an U.S. Attorney that was investigating Bethany Mayfair for misconduct.  

He bugged Zapata's home after Jonas Fischer sent FBI agents to her apartment.  

After the New York Office thwart two undercover hackers from stealing the non-official cover list, Weitz interrogated Mayfair, accusing her of murdering Alexandra Harrison, aka Donna Hollaran, and CIA Deputy Director Thomas Carter. His evidence for the respective cases is a large amount of cash Mayfair withdrew to supposedly pay Alexandra and the GPS data from her car leading towards where Carter's body was buried, enough to get her charged. Unbeknownst to Weitz, Mayfair was framed, as Jane Doe had planted the GPS data and hacked the FBI computers and Sofia Varma had tricked her into providing the money supposedly to help her flee the country.



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