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Nas Kamal is the head of Zero Division, a secret off-book wing of the NSA. Her team and her have been following a terrorist group for almost 6 years that has been code named Sandstorm.

I lost a battle so you could win the war.
to the team before leaving the FBI
In episode In Night So Ransomed Rogue, She recruits Kurt Weller’s team to recapture Jane Doe, and following that, she has become an active confidant and joint-member of Weller's team. 
« I've dedicated the past six years to catching Sandstorm. »
to the team before raiding Sandstorm’s headquarters


Nas is calculating, cunning, tenacious, and lacks hesitation. She is willing carry out any solutions she sees fit towards threats and likely to prevent unnecessary loss of life, which includes lethal action.


Kurt Weller

After spending some time together in Bulgaria, Nas and Kurt started a romantic relationship.


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