Natasha "Tasha" Zapata is an FBI agent and a member of Kurt Weller's team.

Our work is bigger than us.
— Natasha Zapata


Natasha Zapata and her brother raised themselves after their father left. Their mother was an alcoholic. 

Zapata started her Law Enforcement career as a New York Police Department Officer in the 96th Precinct where she met and made friends with her ex-partner. While responding to a domestic abuse call her partner was killed. This brought a severe gambling addiction and alcohol abuse. 

She then joined the FBI and worked hard to be part of Mayfair’s team where she met Reade and became close friends. 

When Jane Doe became a case for the team, Zapata continuously teased Reade about his behavior towards Jane, admitting that the circumstances around her case are mysterious, yet they’re not reason to be suspicious about her. Thomas Carter offered Zapata money in exchange of Intel on Jane; she reluctantly accepted the money to pay off her debt but decided to ditch the devises Carter gave her, proving her strong morals.

Zapata’s friendship was proven when she stuck next to Reade when he was found by Zapata herself next to Coach Jones’ body. 


Tasha is committed to her job and has high moral values as seen several times on the show when she had to face different shady circumstances. Despite her formality she enjoys teasing Reade and sharing a few jokes with her team. She's also caring of others, outgoing and empathic.


Her father left when she was five years old. Her mother was an alcoholic. Because of this parental neglect, she and her brothers had to "raise themselves."

She was a New York Police Department Officer for 5 years at the 96th Precinct. She lost her partner while they were responding to a domestic abuse call, which led to her tailspin into gambling addiction and abuse.


"You’re a lot of things, Jane. Normal isn’t one of them." - to Jane 1.08 Persecute Envoys


  • According to Reade, she likes ribs.
  • Her chinese zodiac sign is the pig.
  • She lives at 671 Weverly Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11285.



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