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Oliver Kind born Oliver Steele is a water conservation specialist.



Oliver was Magnus Steele's only son, a high-powered accountant. In his childhood, Oliver and his family used to spend some time at ski cabin in Vermont enjoying winter.

After universtiy, Oliver worked for his father's firm until he found a discrepancy in the accounts and confronted him, Magnus and his business partner were involved in a Ponzi scheme. They were straling money from their clients. When Oliver threatened him to go to the police, his father flew the country and never came back.

He left the firm and stated his charity and changed his name to Oliver Kind. 

Season 2

Jane Doe approached to him when she and the team were on an undercover mission inside of the Aebly Museum of Art.

After Jane received his card, they both started to text each other until Jane agreed to go on a date with him. However, unable to talk about her personal life and tattoos, she decided to leave the place.


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