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Agent Patterson is the head of the FBI Forensic Science Unit on NBC's Blindspot.
I took an oath... to my country, to the Bureau, to uphold the law.
— To Borden


As the Head of the FBI’s Forensic Science Unit, she was assigned to scan and decode Jane Doe’s tattoos and run DNA tests on databases to find a match that could lead the team to the woman’s real identity.

Patterson was able to discover a familiar insignia under a black square cover-up tattoo on Jane’s right arm, which turned out to be a Navy SEAL tattoo from her time in the army. Since then, Patterson has been able to identify and solve several tattoos that brought the team closer to the people who wiped Jane’s memory.

Committed to her work, Patterson took home Jane’s tattoos case file which was found by David, who showed deep interest in the mystery they meant and tried to solve the arch tattoo by himself against Patterson’s protests and warnings about the danger behind the clues. This tattoo was directly connected to a Russian spy organization that, by the time they were still actively communicating through messages hidden in a book, realized the mission was compromised and decided to kill David.

David’s death brought the attention of Jonas Fischer who decided to run an investigation on Patterson who fired her when he found out that she was the responsible for David’s death after she took home FBI files, however Mayfair’s intervention helped Patterson to keep her job. 

When Jane was taken by Shepherd and while the team was leading a raid into Sandstorm’s headquarters, Patterson went to Borden’s apartment to check on him. In that moment she recognized a golden ring Jane draw for her to identify early in season 2, discovering that Borden was Sandstorm’s mole inside of the FBI. During their struggle to leave the place, Borden accidentally shot her in the abdomen and drove her to a secret cottage to patch up her wound. When Patterson woke up, she was taken by Shepherd who tortured her to get information about the intel the FBI had on Sandstorm.


Patterson is outgoing and extremely smart. She's highly committed to her job and it was stated that, on the 9 years she's worked for the FBI, she's never been late or missed a day of work.

She's a natural geek, as reflected on her large collection of board games showed in her apartment. She also shares geeky jokes and curious facts that only a few of the team can sometimes get.

Romantically, she's insecure as it was shown on her reluctancy of letting her ex-boyfriend, David, move into her apartment. She was also reluctant to get to work alongside Dr. Borden the morning after they spent the night together.


David Wagner

He and Patterson shared a relationship for a long period of time until his illegal involvement with Jane's case put Patterson in serious trouble, threatening her job at the FBI, then she decided to end their relationship.

Dr. Borden

They met at the FBI where Patterson's first direct encounters with Borden were through her sessions after David's death. Borden and Patterson developed a connection during a case where they had to share a whole day together looking after a victim; they later started a relationship that ended when it was discovered that Borden was Sandstorm's mole into the FBI.


  • Her FBI ID number is 55609
  • Her father was a Pilot.
  • She's never missed a day of work.
  • She has a vast collection of board games that she keeps alphabetized by game designer.
  • Attended space camp as a kid.
  • She had a brother who's addicted to cocaine.
  • She owns an Xbox One S and her username is C0D3RGRRL



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