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Remi Briggs is the official name given to Alice Kruger after she was adopted by Ellen Briggs sometime after she was rescued from an orphanage that served as Apartheid's academy to train child soldiers.

My country has lost its mind.


After her parents were killed, she and her younger brother, Ian, were taken to a secret academy to be trained to become deadly soldiers. Once the academy was shut down, the kids were freed by American soldiers and put into foster homes; however, one of the soldiers, Ellen Briggs, realized the siblings were too lethal and decided to adopt them herself. After taking them with her, they decided to change their names to Roman and Remi. 

As skilled children whose primary instinct was to kill, Ellen used their abilities for her benefit for her terrorist organization, Sandstorm


At the age of 16, Remi got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, Avery. Seeing the child as a threat to her current and future plans, Ellen ordered Rossi to give the baby up for adoption against Remi's will. By the time Remi woke up, she realized her baby wasn't in the crib where she had previously left her while resting at the hospital.

Trying to cope with her loss, and probably trying to get away from Shepherd, Remi enlisted in the army where she was later recruited into Orion.

Life in the army

During her time in the operation (Orion), she was sent to Afghanistan in 2013, where her squad was killed by American drones; however she managed to survive by hiding in the woods before she was found and rescued by Chris. As part of her recovery, she used to go hiking with Nigel Thorton, Chris's husband and a doctor stationed in Afghanistan as part of Doctor's Without Borders. During one of their hikes, American drones bombed the village where the hospital and Chris's home were located; effectively killing her and everyone else in there. Remi convinced Nigel to flee back to America and join her family to fight back against the American government.  

In Sandstorm, Remi and Roman held the highest rank among the other members of the organization. During this time, Remi came up with an elaborate plan to accomplish Shepherd’s main mission. 

Considering Shepherd’s connection to Weller from her past, Remi decided that the best way to infiltrate the FBI and to take Bethany Mayfair out of her position as Assistant Director of the FBI, was through Weller and his personal life with Taylor Shaw, his childhood best friend. She studied Weller’s past, Sandstorm’s enemies were turn into encrypted tattoos and her body was covered with them before her memory was wiped with an experimental drug, ZIP

With no memory and being a complete mystery to the FBI, Remi Briggs became Jane Doe

Season 3

Waking up as Jane Doe



Unnamed High School Sweetheart

After Jane found out about her daughter, she received a phone call from Roman in which she pressed him for answers about her child. Roman revealed that the father of the baby was her high school sweetheart. Nothing else was mentioned about him and it is still unclear why the relationship ended.


Oscar and Remi were engaged during an undetermined period of time. They seemed a solid couple until Remi decided to be part of her own plan. It was shown that they used to argue over her plan but she firmly kept her mind set on Sandstorm’s goal. It is implied that Oscar volunteer to be Remi’s handler. Right before Sandstorm started on Remi’s tattoo process, she broke the engagement. 








As seen in Jane's memories, Remi used to be a woman completely committed to her tasks, secretive, strong and skilled.

Oscar described her as compationate, loyal, patient, stubborn; traits shown by Jane as well.


Remi was part of the Navy SEALs and during her time in the army, she was also involved with Orion.

Throughout her life, Remi became fluent in Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian and Arabic.

She's highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as marksmanship.

While she was being prepared to set Sandstorm's plan in motion, she was trained by Roman to endure many forms of torture. Remi was also trained by Marcos in target shooting.


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