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When encountered with familiar places, sounds or people, Roman retrieves certain memories that are key to dig deeper into Sandstorm's plan, however, they also show fragments of his time in the academy, these memories are usually from traumatic events.

These memories, like Jane's, are also black and white but they tend to be blurry.

The following is a chronological list of Roman's memories as they appear through the second half of Season 2.

Ep. Image Episode Title Description
Nor I Nigel
214 - 1
Devil Never Even Lived When Dr. Sun shows Roman a picture of him and Kat Jarret, she also plays a recording of a bike engine to help Roman retrieve the lost memories. This leads him to the night he bought explosives from Kat.
After accepting to go undercover inside of a biker gang, Roman remembers having a conversation with Remi about her disapproval of his relationship with Kat Jarret while the two siblings were inventorying some HMX explosives.
214 memory (2)
214 memory (3)
214 memory (4)
214 memory (1)
Borrow Or Rob Emma was the last loose threat for Remi’s cover story as Taylor Shaw given that her DNA would’ve disproven their kinship. A few weeks before Remi was left in Times Square, and presumably under Shepherd orders, Roman followed Emma to a meeting with Kurt Weller at the Cecil restaurant; once she departed from the place, Roman crashed his van against Emma’s car and suffocated her to death when she didn’t die after the impact.
Romanmemory 1x15 (1)
Romanmemory 1x15 (2)
Romanmemory 1x15 (3)
Romanmemory 1x15 (4)
Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward Roman and Weller were left inside of a transport truck with some other people. Being chained to the wall and enclosed in a small place, helped Roman to retrieve a few flashes from a memory from his time in the academy: the day he was beaten by a boy and then thrown into an isolation cell.
2x17 memory (1)
2x17 memory (2)
2x17 memory (3)
2x17 memory (4)
Solos Trying to understand what Roman did with the money he took from a bank a few years back, Nas shows him a couple of pictures of him entering a bank. He’s able to remember the time he flew to the Bahamas with Shepherd and posed as someone’s next of kin to collect his 33 million as inheritance.
2x17 memory pt2 (1)
2x17 memory pt2 (2)
2x17 memory pt2 (3)
2x17 memory pt2 (4)
Trying to decide what to eat for dinner, Roman remembers leaving the bank in the Bahamas where he’s holding the papers from a trust fund belonging to Alice Kruger.
2x18 memory pt1 (1)
2x18 memory pt1 (2)
2x18 memory pt1 (1)
Senile Lines When Roman realized that Eli was holding an object, he remembered his time at the orphanage's isolation cell and the coin he used to play with.
2x18 memory prt2 (1)
2x18 memory prt2 (2)
2x18 memory prt2 (3)
Trying to help the team with their tattoo case, Nas asked Roman if he could find any similarities between Eli and himself, to which Roman answered that he was positive that Eli has never killed someone; this fact made him remember the first time he killed a kid at the orphanage.
220 memory (1)
220 memory (2)
220 memory (3)
220 memory (4)
In Words, Drown I Roman cut his finger while chopping some vegetables for dinner. As soon as Jane put the gauze on the wound, he remembered the night Jane erased his mind with ZIP at the Sandstorm medical warehouse.