Sofía Varma was the Deputy White House Political Director.


As Deputy Director of the White House, Sofía was called, among Bethany Mayfair and Thomas Carter, to be part of Project Daylight. When the operation was compromised she knew Carter, Mayfair and her would be in serious trouble if it was ever discovered that they had anything with it with the project's doings; she asked Mayfair to leave the country to protect themselves, but Bethany refused and choose to stay in America.

Not able to handle the situation and her personal problems, Sofía left a suicidal note inside of her car.

It's implied that before Sofía could take any decision, she was found by Remi who, apparently, saved her life with one of her speeches. After that, Sofía faked her death in 2013.

Season 1

Sofía surprises Bethany Mayfair in her car, revealing that she never killed herself, and instead she was hiding in Paraguay. She asks Mayfair for money in order to get a new passport and leave the country again.


Bethany Mayfair

Sofía and Mayfair met when they were called to be part of Project Daylight. They then started a long relationship. After Daylight was compromised, Sofía begged Mayfair to move with her outside of the United States to avoid being caught. When Mayfair choose to stay in the country, Sofía left a suicidal note in her car.