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These tattoos. They've saved a lot of lives.
Kurt Weller to his team.

Jane Doe wakes up in the middle of Times Square with her body completely covered in mysterious tattoos and no memory of who she is. Jane and her tattoos, are the main plot on NBC's tv show Blindspot.


It was Remi’s idea to tattoo her body and erase her memory with ZIP in order to make herself, and Kurt Weller, believe she was his childhood friend Taylor Shaw, who disappeared when she was 5 years old. 

A series of intricate tattoos represented in cryptic symbols, map pieces, riddles, numeric sequences and phrases are written in over two dozen of different languages and were tattooed all at once in her body. 


The designs represent a case of corruption inside of the United States and were exposed as tattoos so agent Kurt Weller and his team could take Sandstorm’s enemies down and give him certain reputation with the idea of take Bethany Mayfair out of her job as Assistant Director of the FBI NYO.

Once found in Times Square, Jane Doe’s tattoos were analyzed, photographed and studied, it was revealed that each of them could have multiple meanings and that it would take years to decode all of them.

Tattoo Process

Tattoo process

When Jane Doe first arrived to the FBI, Patterson determined that her tattoos where all new and tattooed all at once around three weeks before Jane was left in Times Square.

It is implied that Oscar and Roman were part of the tattoos designers/architects, both of them, including Marcos supervised Remi's tattoo process while she was sedated.

Bird Tattoo

1x09 memory pt2 (3)

Oscar drawing the bird the day Remi broke off their engagement.

The bird tattoo is located on the left side of Jane's neck. Due to its location, it became one of the most visible and characeristical tattoos in her body. As seen through her memories, it was Oscar who designed the bird. It's been theorized that the design was added just as a sign of commitement and a reminder of their relationship and ended engagement.


The bird already tattooed on Jane's neck.


Season 1

No. Image Description
Woe Has Joined
Location: Upper Back
Kurt Weller's name is tattooed on Jane Doe's back so she could be directly sent to him.

Kurt's name was later used as a password when the towers tattoo pointed to a new hint.

Location: Behind left ear.
Jane Doe is able to understand the meaning of this tattoo, indicating that it's an adress and a date, which led the team to Chao's apartment located at 399 White Street, Apartment 7.
A Stray Howl
Location: Right thigh, above knee.
This tattoo could only be decoded by using the information from the previously-solved chinese tattoo -399 White Street, Apartment Seven-. Using a Vigenere cipher, and White Street as a key word added to the letters in between of the numbers, the code translated to Major Arthur Gibson a retired drone pilot seeking revenge.
Eight Slim Grins
Location: Right shoulder, hidden under a black square.
Remi got this tattoo when she became a Navy SEAL. During her tattoo process, the insignia was concealed by the black square in order to keep her identity and past a complete mystery.

Patterson realized that one of the members from a heist crew had the exact same insignia tattooed in his arm and that directly connected him and Jane to Orion.

Location: Above right elbow.
A hit on the tattoo database alerted Patterson that this tattoo was directly pointing to an FBI case file about Saúl Guerrero whose handler was Bethany Mayfair.
Bone May Rot
Location: Unknown
This tattoo is decoded by Patterson with the help of her boyfriend, David Wagner. It indicated the adress of the CDC and it hid the organization's logo.
Location: Forehead, right and left cheek. Invisible.
The ink of this tattoo was invisible and only seen under the CDC ultraviolet light. The numbers are codes of deadly virus samples pointing to some stolen samples that were taken to start a massive infection worldwide.
Cede Your Soul
Location: Left calf.
The owl was drawn by Ana Montes' older brother. After he passed away, Ana used it as a logo for her software Trakzer which showed the location of every undercover agent from the FBI.
Sent on Tour
Location: Right forearm.
Location: Nape/lower neck.
Jane realized that the only way to get out of Saúl Guerrero's town alive was to follow the path that led to the towers she recognized from her tattoo. In the location, they found a box with a word password combiation lock Zapata managed to realize that the password was Kurt for being the first word tattooed under the towers.
Location: Right shoulder.
Patterson realized the shapes are Petoskey stones, the official state stone of Michigan. One of the stone's coral patterns was purposely shaped like Alpena County with an adress leading the team to Draclyn Twonship where Saúl Guerrero, N°2 on the FBI's most wanted list.
Persecute Envoys
Cease Forcing Enemy
This tattoo was PI with some missing numbers. These missing numbers were latitude and longitude coordinates that led the team to The Dark Isles on the Black Sea where a missing plane and its passengers were taken hostage.
Rules in Defiance
Location: Right calf.
Location: Left forearm.
The tattoo was a band logo where Paloma Diaz was a member. She was kidnapped and brought into a secret brothel with several other women where she was killed by a man and her body dumped into the ocean. Her boyfriend was accused of killing her and was centenced to death. After Jane refused to help Oscar with one of his missions -bringing the team's attention to this tattoo- he sent an email to Patterson to help her decode the tattoo.
Older Cutthroat Canyon
Location: Abdomen, center.
The Burning Rose was painted by Zomo under the request by an unknown man and it got exhibited on his gallery until it was stolen. The Team realized that Cade was the responsible of stealing the painting in order to get close to Jane and avenge Marcos' death.
Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts
Location: Waist, right side.
After a series of clues as part of an anniversary scavenger hunt from David, Patterson realized that the bull's eye was actually a star called Aldebaran, which led her to a mentally unestable man who performed several murderers.
Swift Hardhearted Stone
Location: Inside of right forearm.
Tarek Ahmadi's daughter, Maya Ahmadi, drew the Ahmadi family crest on her notebook. The sketch was tattooed on Jane's arm.
If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render
Location: Right wrist.

Season 2

No. Image Description
Heave Fiery Knot
Location: Lower abdomen.
The spaces between pillars on the tattoo resembled .40 caliber rounds, the same bullets that were used in a shooting at a narcotics officer’s wedding in Mexico City; this pointed to the Juarez Cartel and the gun-waltzing program, an operation where agents go undercover as arms dealers in order to sell the guns recovered from the Juarez Cartel crime scenes and get under arrest the buyers. The team discovered that Valentine Barker was blamed of re-selling some of the guns through waltzing.
Hero Fears Imminent Rot
This tattoo clearly showed an olive branch an oak branch and a torch, elements that can be found in the U.S. Dime; also the outline shape represented Vieques, a Puerto Rican island used by the NAVY as a weapons testing site where they primarily used DIME bombs, which caused a high number of casualties over the years due to radiation. The team realized that the tattoo led them to a series of coordinated attacks performed by the relatives of some of the victims in Vieques.
If Beth
Location: Right hand.
Patterson discovered that the tattoo was made of two subtly different shades of ink; after running the path of the differently-colored lines, she managed to obtain, from one of the lines, a Homeland Security employee ID that pointed to analyst Bo Kaier, while the second line translated to Shadowcat, Kaier’s nickname used for his work as a hacker in the Dark Web. After raiding his home, Jane and Zapata managed to retrieve his hard drives where he stored modified commercial video games to simulate some of the most secured buildings in the country and sell them online. The last mod sold was from the Aebly Museum of Art where the team attended to undercover.
Condone Untidiest Thefts
Location: Back of right thigh.
Some of the numbers in the compass correspond to the server address for Snapitz, while the rest of them match up to five Snapitz accounts with associates of the O’Malley family. They used the app as a communication devise to send a coded message through pictures of chess end-game movements that ordered a hit on Donahue, who turned out to be the head of the Irish mob in the USA.
Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord
Location: Right forearm.
When the tattoos were merged together, they showed a serial code: MDQU3658847, which was a ship container ID at Red Hook Terminal. In that container Anton Stepulov, Dabbur Zann's number two, and his son arrived to New York in order to perform a heart surgery to the boy promised by Jake Keaton.
Nor I Nigel
Location: Neck, right side (not tattooed).
Kurt Weller gives Patterson a USB drive with Intel about Sandstorm where all of Remi's tattoos are shown in a video. This tattoo in particular was not tattooed on Jane's neck when the corruption case was already taken care of and when Sandstorm realized it directly linked them to Kat Jarret and Roman's deals with her.
Named Not One Man
Location: Lower back.
Patterson was able to decode this tattoo through the illegal use of Omaha. It led the team to some terrorist activity performed by angry farmers after the operation was ordered by an FBI agent.
Borrow Or Rob
Location: Loin.
The tattoo was the seal of Daedalus, a secret society at Jameson College, it also hid an equation where its variables correspond to real-world economic values. A partial list of Jameson College alumni leaked with some names of Daedalus's members, one of them Gord Enver aka Rich Dotcom.
Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward
Location: Left hip.
Location: Left hip.
Location: Ankle.
Senile Lines
Location: Abdomen, right side.
Regard a Mere Mad Reager
Location: Right clavicle down to abdomen.


Solved Images


  • Tattoos are commonly pictures, names or numbers put into people's skin through ink depositing through needles. Some people get tattoos for ceremonial purposes, relations to culture, or as a form of self-expression.
  • According to the pilot episode, all of Jane's tattoos are new, meaning they were all placed on her at once.
  • Some of the tattoos are written in two dozen of different dialects.

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