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Taylor Shaw was the childhood friend of Kurt Weller and disappeared mysteriously one night when she was 5 years old. For most of the first season, Kurt believed that Jane Doe was Taylor due to a positive DNA analysis, but this was thrown into question following examination of Jane's tooth until he discovered Taylor's remains at a secret spot revealed by his agonizing father. She was killed accidentally by Bill Weller.

Weller's father, Bill, was implicated in Taylor's disappearance, though there was never enough evidence to charge him with the crime. Nonetheless, his family and friends held him in contempt, even when he attended Taylor's annual memorial.

Following his father's confession before dying, Weller goes out and searches for the remains of Taylor Shaw. At the end of the season finale, Weller finds Taylor's favorite toy and her boot with a young girls bone in it.

In episode "Heave Fiery Knot", when Jane researches Taylor and finds that Weller didn't set the record straight and confronts him, Weller confesses that he had Taylor's body buried someplace peaceful and only his sister Sarah and his team know the truth; he adds that Taylor's family and murderer are all deceased and he doesn't see the point in setting the record straight.

Her remains were found by Kurt Weller in an old campsite they stayed in as children.


All of Taylor's personal and physical descriptions are mostly given by Weller during conversations with Jane.

In one of the case records, it was stated that Taylor was 5 years old when she disappeared, had green eyes, brown hair, fair skin, 3'7" tall and weighted 40 pounds.

Weller also mentions that Taylor used to be a tomboy and that she liked following him around on little adventures instead of playing with dolls. While climbing a tree, 10 years old Weller accidentally stepped on her hand, the girl fell and got a prominent wound at the back of her neck.


Jane Doe

Jane Doe

  • DNA match is 99.99%.
  • Jane shares an identical scar across the top of her back as Taylor.
  • Jane and Taylor are the same age.
  • Oscar tells Jane that she is Taylor when they meet at the tower.

Not Jane Doe

  • Tooth analysis places Jane's childhood in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Oscar says to Jane that she is not Taylor Shaw.
  • Oscar confesses Jane they switched Taylor's DNA with Jane's in the database.
  • Kurt Weller finds Taylor's favorite doll alongside her boot with a bone in it at the place his father said where he buried her.
  • Bill Weller confessed that he killed Taylor in an accident and buried her at a fort.


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