Kurt Weller currently lives in a single-family apartment in the city of New York. The place was a temporary home for Sarah and her son Sawyer for most of season 1 until she moved out after her breakup with Edgar Reade. It was also the place where Bill Weller spent his last days with personal assistance after his lung cancer severely aggravated.

Before the events from season 1 and before Jane’s arrival, Weller had never allowed any visitors from work to his place, as Reade stated that he had only seen the lobby of the building once when he dropped a file. (1x05 Split the Law)

Major events

105 dinner
Split the Law
After it was revealed that Jane’s identity was Taylor Shaw, Weller invited her to his place for dinner with his family. Sawyer asked Jane who she was and his freckled face allowed Jane to retrieve a memory of a little boy with a scar that crossed his face from this right eyebrow to his upper lip. Jane leaves in a hurry, scared by the memory.
122 bills death
If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render
Once Bill Weller’s lung cancer worsened his health considerably, he was taken to Weller’s apartment in order to provide a better care by a home nurse. After receiving a call from the nurse stating that his father was agonizing, Weller rushed to his apartment where Bill admitted killing Taylor Shaw by accident the night she disappeared.
207 janes dream
Resolves Eleven Myths
Weller’s apartment was the main scenario for one of Jane’s dreams where she was seen helping Weller with dinner while waiting for Roman to arrive. While eating, Jane was the only who realized the front door opened all the sudden; Remi’s in the hall and the both of them fought until Jane was stabbed by Remi.
Pink cake
We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters
To celebrate their pregnancy, Weller and Allie hosted a Gender Reveal Party at his place. Patterson baked a cake that revealed that couple was expecting a baby girl.
208 zapata
Zapata was the last person to arrive to Weller’s and Allison’s party; she revealed to Reade that the knife situation was taken care of and that there wasn’t any evidence pointing to Reade for Jones’s murder.
212 yearbook
Devil Never Even Lived
After it was discovered that Weller was somehow connected to Sandstorm, he took home the files on the organization that Nas managed to collect over the years. Jane visited him to share some beers and offered her help with the files; she managed to spot Shepherd in one of the military yearbook’s pictures to whom Weller recognized from his past.